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The Basics of the Lemonade Diet

The Basics of the Lemonade Diet June 4, 2017Leave a comment

There are numerous cleansing diets being promoted on the market today. Although they are all meant to cleanse the body of harmful toxins that have accumulated over time, choosing the right one is important. Much like other particular diets, each tends to fit a particular type of person. One of the more popular diets currently available on the market is the lemonade diet. It is a diet which is effective for short term, similar to other juice diets.
The diet first came out as part of a book entitled The Master Cleaner by Stanley Burroughs, initially released during the latter part of the 1970s. Over time, its popularity faded but was revived during the more recent years by the book entitled Lose Weight, Have More Energy and Be Happier in 10 Days by Peter Glickman. Initially published in 2004, a second edition came out just a year later, evidence of its increasing popularity with the market. There are now several support groups and at least one comprehensive website related to the diet. During January, groups of people do the diet together, the regimen lasting for 10 days.
As a cleansing diet which involves liquids, individuals will lose weight. However, this should not be confused with losing fat. With the lemonade diet, individuals lose weight from water retention. As previously stated, this diet is not for everybody. It is a rather difficult diet to follow, primarily because people normally like to eat. The first few days under the lemonade cleansing diet are the most difficult as the person needs to resist eating. During this time, people begin experiencing the benefits as the body starts flushing down the toxins. Some possible withdrawal symptoms that may be experienced include headaches, craving, feelings of nausea, irritability and fatigue.

With cleansing programs, the accumulated toxins are dissolved and flushed away from the body, cleansing the kidneys and digestive systems. In the process, the cells are purified, relieving irritation and waste from joints, muscles and even blood vessels.
A sample lemonade diet recipe involves 6 10 ounce glasses, each glass with 2 tbsps of Organic Grade B Maple Syrup, the same amount of freshly pressed lemon juice and about 1/10 tsp of cayenne pepper. For a bit of variety, individuals are allowed to drink some laxative tea twice a day with saline salt wash. As the lemonade diet ingredients do not include any other solids or foods, consuming laxatives are necessary to replace the lack of fiber in the diet. Replacing the fiber in the system is needed otherwise the individual may end up becoming constipated.
Some individuals may think that ending a fast should be the easiest step in the diet. In reality, this phase should be taken as much care as starting the diet. The books actually indicate that at least half of the original weight lost may end up coming back after completing the diet if one is not careful. The body has also been deprived of solid food for quite some time, which means dieters ought to ease their way back into eating solids. Various experts recommend starting off with vegetable soup during the first day off the diet and solid vegetables and fruits during the second day. Before attempting to begin the diet, individuals are also advised to read the books related to the diet involving lemonades.
A particular cleansing diet gains more popularity at a much quicker rate when the public knows that celebrities follow the diet as well and have positive results to show for it. Beyonce Knowles confessed to using this extreme diet to prepare for her part in the film “Dreamgirls.” It would not be surprising to read articles referring to the diet as the Beyonce Lemonade Diet

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