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It’s all about the pH – The pH Cleanse

It’s all about the pH – The pH Cleanse August 11, 2017
It’s all about the pH - The pH Cleanse

It’s all about the pH

The pH Cleanse

According to some doctors, optimal ph balance in our bodies is now generally considered the panacea for health and longevity. So what is pH balance and how can we determine when one is on the wrong side of the pH scale and more importantly what can we do about it?

The foods we consume in our daily diet contain nutrients essential for normal metabolic function. However when we consume foods devoid of their true nutrient potential or foods which are denatured then this will ultimately cause an imbalance in the body.

We may start to experience symptoms such as tiredness, headaches, digestive aliments, weight gain, depression and a general feeling of being under the weather. These are all symptoms that our bodies are out of balance and suffering from chronic excess acidity. Intuitively we are being alerted to the fact that we need to restore equilibrium within our body chemistry.

Unfortunately more often than not we are tempted to reach for a quick fix from the pharmacy or over the counter prescription drugs to rectify the problems of our ill health. This may offer a short term solution but does not solve the underlying cause of our over acidic state, in fact it’s more detrimental to our health long term. It creates more acidity and toxicity for the body to deal with and further burdens the body in its quest to eliminate excess acid from our tissues and fluids.

It’s all about the pH - The pH Cleanse

The pH scale measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is from a range of 0-14, with 7 being neutral in the middle of the scale. Anything below 7 is classed acidic and anything above is classed alkaline. Our blood pH is 7.35-7.45 making it slightly alkaline. The body will do everything in its power to ensure our blood stays within this range even at the expense of other tissues and organs in our bodies. If blood pH drops below 6.8 or rises above 7.8 then it is likely that death will occur. Our entire metabolic process is dependant on an alkaline environment. When our bodies become ill it is often because our bodies are too acidic and our internal fluids and cells lack the alkalinity they require to function optimally.

Excess acidity leads to inflammation within our tissues. If we do not heed our bodies warning signs that all is not balanced deep within our cells, then over time, inflammation may develop into Cancer, Heart Disease and Diabetes, the main 3 killers in our western world today.

So how do we go about eliminating excess acid from our bodies? Well put simply we need to eat a diet high in alkaline foods and low in acid foods. The ideal ratio is 80% alkaline and 20% acid. Unfortunately we tend to be the opposite with our western diets and have 80% acid forming foods and 20% alkaline. To give you an idea the following are all acid forming in our diet – meat, fish, dairy, sugar, grains, caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides and other agricultural chemicals.

In order to be more alkaline, we need to have a higher percentage of greens in our diet so lots of organic fruit and vegetables. Ideally, ten portions per day. Super food greens such as barley grass and wheat grass are also excellent for alkalizing the body and are abundant in vitamins and minerals. These super foods are excellent for optimizing health and vitality when supplemented daily in our diet. So to be more alkaline and less acidic and follow the pH diet, the key is to eat more of a plant based diet and reduce the quantity of meat, dairy, gluten, sugars and chemicals consumed on a daily basis.

The pH cleanse is not a diet fad but a lifestyle dietary change. I personally advocate this lifestyle dietary choice because having tried this program I have definitely seen and felt the results such as weight loss, improved energy, clearer glowing skin and better bowel elimination. However, as with all changes we decide to pursue in our diets, these changes have to be achievable and practical in order to be maintained.

To reap the rewards of a healthy diet it is important to feel good about our eating plans rather than feel deprived and unhappy with our daily diet. So it's important to set realistic goals in how you can make adequate changes in your lifestyle to incorporate more plant based alkaline foods. Start off with one meal per day that’s alkaline, which could be a fruit breakfast or vegetable juice and slowly increase it 2 meals, then when you are ready 3 meals and soon you will be eating a ratio of 80% alkaline and 20% acid foods in your diet. Some days you may end up falling off the ‘pH wagon’ and that’s fine, we’re only human. The important thing is to start again the next day and remember that your pH journey is one that is constantly evolving and growing for the rest of your life. As you start to reap the benefits and see improvements on these healthy dietary changes, you will be less likely to want to revert back to your old eating habits especially as your health and vitality soars along with your zest for life.