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How to Lose Weight Fast and Safe – Diet and Lifestyle change

How to Lose Weight Fast and Safe – Diet and Lifestyle change July 26, 2017
Lose weight

Losing weight quickly but safely almost sounds like a contradiction – but it is possible and in fact it’s not that tough! A healthy diet, small changes to your lifestyle and a bit of extra exercise will help your weight fly off! You will have to keep up the diet for some time, and even once you reach your target weight loss you will have to stick with a healthy lifestyle so you don’t put it all back on.

The first thing to understand is that fast weight loss is about 2-3 pounds a week, unless you are heavily overweight in which case it might be a pound or two more. That is the fastest you should lose weight for two reasons:

Lose weight

  1. Any more than that and you are going to be losing muscle as well as fat. Considering organs such as your heart is muscle, it’s very important you do not lose a lot of muscle.
  2. Lose weight quicker than 2-3 pounds a week and your body will go in to “starvation mode” – this is when your body adapts to rapid weight loss and actually changes how it burns calories/fat so it can run on much less food and it becomes very, very difficult to lose any weight at all.

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A healthy diet

There are many kinds of diets. Find one that suits you and your lifestyle. Calorie counting diets, such as weight watchers are very popular as they allow you to eat all kinds of foods, which means you get all the vitamins, protein fiber etc that your body requires. If you aim to eat around 300 calories a less than you need a day, then knowing there are 3500 calories in a pound of fat, you will lose one pound of fat in around eleven days. On top of lifestyle changes and exercise you can adjust how much you lose a day by calorie counting to be losing around 2 pounds a week. If you are looking for another kind of diet try browsing the diet review found at the top menu of this page.

Lifestyle changes

These are the little things that you need change permanently. Don’t think of these things as part of your diet as they are things you should be doing regardless of being on a diet or not. Drink diet soda drinks or water instead of sugary soft drinks. Park further away from work, shops or home than you usually would and walk the extra distance. Drink black or green tea/coffee. Cook your own meals from fresh ingredients, not processed foods full of fats, sugars and artificial flavorings. For more lifestyle changes and tips


Exercise is a key part of being able to lose weight fast and safe. But exercise is NOT just about weight loss. It is about keeping your body healthy, keeping your heart and muscles strong and freeing up your arteries of fats and plague. Of course it will help with your weight loss too! Try playing a sport such as a tennis or a squash twice a week. Choose a sport you enjoy and try to find somebody your level to play with to make it more fun, competitive and compelling.  If not, go for a run three times a week or a walk each day. Anything that gets your heart pumping for 20 minutes or more. You will lose a lot of calories from the actual exercise, but long after you have finished exercising your bodies metabolism will still be high and you will be burning more calories than normal.

Try lifting some weights and putting on a bit of muscle – muscle takes a lot more calories to run than fat does, so the more muscle you have the more fat you will naturally burn throughout the day without lifting a finger.