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Knowing More about the Lemon Detox Diet

Knowing More about the Lemon Detox Diet June 11, 2017Leave a comment
Lemon Detox Diet

The lemon detox diet is known by a variety of names. Some call it the Master Cleanse Diet, the Lemon Cleanse or even the Maple Syrup Diet. Even with the different names, it all pertains to the same type of diet. The lemon detox diet is a modern type of diet which involves a few simple ingredients which can be purchased in almost any local supermarket. The diet claims to be a program which can efficiently detoxify not just the body but also the mind as well.

This particular type of diet was first proposed by Stanley Burroughs. Although it may have gained popularity during his time, it was not at the same level as when Peter Glickman published his book on the topic several decades after. Some celebrities such as Beyonce Knowles and Mariah Carey swear by its success as a way to lose weight in a significantly short amount of time. Although it does have such benefits, it is essentially a diet which is meant to remove harmful toxins in the body.

According to Burrough, this tough diet regimen is meant to remove a variety of harmful toxins in the body, making it healthier and in the process lose weight. Part of its claims is to remove the individual’s normal cravings for addictive foods such as coffee and tea and other items such as alcohol, tobacco and even drugs.


The premise of the effectiveness of the diet lies on the theory that consuming sour foods will force the internal organs such as the liver and gallbladder into purging all of the stored toxins. It is the liver which is important in losing weight. If the liver is packed with toxins that have accumulated over time, the liver will have trouble breaking down the fat the body obtains from food.

As a detox diet, lemon is used to cleanse the colon. The lemon diet was developed as a tea which stimulates the body into cleansing itself, increasing blood circulation as well as providing the necessary vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. According to lemon detox diet reviews, this particular type of diet is convenient in losing weight after a major holiday. Major holidays such as Christmas and New Year are times when people tend to overeat and consume a lot of foods that contain a high level of toxins.

The lemon diet detox is a good addition to a healthy lifestyle. Incorporating the diet is immensely helpful in starting or living a healthy lifestyle. As a temporary detox diet, lemon water is only consumed for a short period of time, approximately 10 or more days. Although simple in theory, individuals who intend to follow this type of diet should follow the regimen strictly in order to gain the most benefits. As with most new diets or changes in the lifestyle, the first few days are considered the hardest. Individuals are advised to stick to the regimen to see the effects even after just a few days.

The lemon detox diet recipe is comprised of only a few simple ingredients, namely lemons, water, cayenne pepper, maple tree syrup and salt or herbal teas. Each has a specific role in making the diet effective. The water is important for any detoxification program as it keeps the body as hydrated as possible and helps flush the toxins from the system. Lemon juice also functions in the same way. It has a greater effect on the blood stream and making the digestive system work less. Cayenne pepper helps quicken the process by increasing the body’s metabolism. As the body is devoid of nutrients, tree syrup provides of the nutrients necessary to keep the body functioning and healthy during the period. Herbal teas help promote bowel movement during this time. A normal day consists of drinking approximately 6-10 glasses of this recipe.

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