Detox Cleansing

What Happens On A Green Drink Cleanse

What Happens On A Green Drink Cleanse July 5, 2017
Green Drink Cleanse

This is always an exciting subject for me to talk about. Everyone can have different reactions on a detox cleanse, but no matter how unusual or unpleasant they may feel, the end result is always more than worth it! I’ve just completed my 3rd green drink cleanse. I usually do 1 or more a year depending on if I feel I’ve been eating poorly or not. When I do my cleanses now, I can pretty much breeze through it because my body is more attuned to eating properly now for the past few years. So I will discuss what my bodies reactions were the first time I decided to do a natural detox.

Since most of you may have never done this type of cleanse, much of what I will relay will most likely be the same reactions your body will have on the best detox that I will describe below.Now remember that this isn’t a fast, you will be taking enormous amounts of nutrients and enzymes as well as a healthy fat into your body all day long at the correct intervals.The reason for much of what I will describe below is because your body is trying to rid itself of toxins that you give it on a regular basis. Each of us weather we know it or not, have microscopic parasites in our blood. These parasites feed on the sugar that we give it, weather that is in the form of sweets, or pasta, or cereals or breads, etc.
The only way to kill these parasites is to starve them.

The reason you will feel so much hunger in the beginning of the cleanse, is because the parasites want the sugar they are used to getting. Much of the way I was able to get through the hunger is to tell myself over and over again don’t feed the parasites, don’t feed the parasites and believe me this worked!

Day 1:

I was starving by 11:00 am, which I thought was weird to be so hungry already. I was used to eating at

6:30 am, so that is probably why. By 2:30 in the afternoon I was really STARVING and had a headache and was really thinking of giving up. However, since it was my first day I just kept on with it. I decided to put myself to bed at 7:30 pm because I could no longer stand the hunger I was feeling and wanted the day to be over. With a 7:30 bedtime, thank god it was.

Day 2:

I remember waking up and feeling hungry, but not quite as hungry. I suffered through this day with a mild headache but mostly I remember being VERY hungry.

Day 3:

I saw my weight going down and my stomach was getting really flat, yay. But still very hungry and today I was nauseous. Unfortunately before I left for work that morning, I had thrown up. I already knew this could happen and wasn’t alarmed because I knew my body was getting rid of poisonous toxins. I felt better after I had gotten sick. I actually got through this day pretty well, but was still STARVING!

Day 4:

Still hungry, but the sensation wasn’t as strong, made it through the day without nausea and without a headache. I was mostly just hungry, and had thought of eating just something small, but decided against it because I had already gotten this far.

Day 5:

I woke up at 4:30 am and was wide awake. I had lots of energy and decided to get and do things around the house before work. I drank my first green drink of the day and notice something very weird. It tasted okay. Hmmm, Id read about this, when you’re body becomes alkaline the green drink begins to taste neutral, not bitter. This is a sign that you are becoming alkaline. I had an amazing amount of energy today and didn’t stop moving until 9:30 when I went to bed and slept like a baby.

Day 6:

Had a great amount of energy today too, and I noticed that I wasn’t hungry anymore. I guess the parasites were dead. I really didn’t even think about food at all today.

Day 7:

I cannot believe how different I feel, its like I never feel the need to eat that crappy food anymore. The energy was like something I’ve never experienced before (and I’ve been tired my whole life).

Day 8:

No hunger and I’m starting to look at the world completely differently. I have never felt such peace of mind or clarity of mind in my life. No fogginess, just clear headed. I could remember everything, I felt complete and utter happiness and the calmest I’ve ever felt in my life. This is probably the most amazing Ive ever felt in my life. My blood felt truly pure and I cant imagine ever feeling this good or that I could ever feel any better. All from a detox, who knew? I wanted to complete 10 days, but I had a flight to Toronto on Day 9, so I began to eat slowly. But I only ate alkaline as I wanted to continue the good Id done. I’ve heard that on this natural detox, some people will get red spots on the skin and tongue as the toxins are being released. This is normal, and will be different for each peson depending on their level of toxicity.