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Fasting Weight Loss

Fasting Weight Loss June 11, 2017Leave a comment

With the number of conveniences being afforded by the modern lifestyle, obesity is becoming an increasingly serious problem. The condition comes with a variety of other problems both physical and emotional. In terms of health, an obese individual is more likely to have heart problems. Various forms of weight loss methods have become popular, advertised by celebrities and the media with varying results. One of the tried and tested yet less known weight loss techniques is by fasting. With fasting, weight loss becomes easier and faster.Fasting Weight Loss

For those that have experienced or tried fasting, weight loss results come quick and drastically. There are those who have followed a 30 day juice fasting for weight loss have reported successfully losing between 30 to 40 pounds within that short span of time. It is true life changing experience. Not only does the person look thinner and feel healthier, the process raises their self esteem and confidence. The individuals who have done this consistently have become more disciplined individuals and have lost more than just fat. These people have also lost some of their negative thinking habits and much of their emotional baggage. With just following a few simple fasting rules, it is like bringing new life to the person, awakening a happier, healthier individual.

The results when fasting for weight loss reasons can vary for a number of reasons. One is the method of fasting. Traditionally, fasting only involved eliminating solid foods or only consuming certain liquids such as a juice fast. For some, using an enema can make a fast quicker but not as permanent. With using an enema, the colon is cleaned as well, allowing the waste to flow more freely. As a result, enema users often have a flatter stomach than those who do not use enema. Individuals who testify on using the product have stated that they have lost 8 pounds from their colon, another 5 pounds in water weight and an additional 2 pounds in fat. Not only does the person lose weight but the enema detoxifies the system, making the individual feel healthier.

Another factor which can affect the results is the individual’s metabolism. Individuals who have a slower metabolism rate will naturally have a lower rate of weight loss. There are individuals who may lose 80 lbs or more on following a juice fast for 1.5 months while at the other end, some may only lost as little as 4 pounds water fasting. Weight loss can also be affected by the amount of time taken to diet. Essentially, the longer the fast continues, the smaller the weight lost as time progresses.

Body fat weighing around a pound is equivalent to about 3500 calories. Individuals who can burn 500 calories a week are expected to lose around a pound. Losing approximately two pounds each week is the limit when dieting. However, with juice or water fasting for weight loss, the rate can go much higher.

In order to have a healthy lifestyle, individuals are encouraged to be disciplined in eating nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables, exercising and fasting. Having the discipline to do these things will allow the individual to lose weigh permanently. For those who have not attempted fasting before may feel excited about the number of pounds that they can lose with this technique. However, the enthusiasm will not last long. When the excitement ends, most people would naturally revert to their old routines and eventually lose the benefits acquired from fasting. It is better to try and incorporate fasting as part of a lifestyle rather than be consumed with losing the most amount of weight in the shortest time possible. Be patient, it will take some time for the results to emerge. Instead, consider that the toxins are leaving one’s body, giving the organs a bit of rest and time for cleansing as well.

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