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What are the Different Detox Cleanser Methods

What are the Different Detox Cleanser Methods June 10, 2017Leave a comment
What are the Different Detox Cleanser Methods

The fact is that 90 percent of the food that you take in is processed, refined or genetically modified. This is not limited to burgers and sodas, but even the simplest sugar or flour are actually refined and stripped of their natural nutrients and replaced with chemicals. Now, this percentage is enough to fill your body with toxins and harmful residues that can last you years and years of lifestyle related diseases. Because of this, various methods using a detox cleanser have been used to try and reduce these harmful substances in the body.

There are very popular methods that can be used as an intestinal detox body cleanser or even stress busters. Stress is oftentimes caused by the toxins in our body which can be eliminated by using various detox methods. Two of these detox methods include foot detox patches and detox cleanser recipes.

Foot patches are detox cleansers that are relatively easy to use and do not require too much preparation. They work is such a way that the patches are attached to the sole of the foot before bedtime and left to suck out the toxins from the body. They have various natural ingredients such as bamboo vinegar, wood vinegar, agaricus mushroom, cornstarch, and other herbs and minerals. People who have tried the foot patch detox experienced less fatigue and experience alleviated stress levels the moment they wake up. Back pains and headaches are also reduced for those people who had experienced them a lot prior to the use of foot patches.

The next detox method is very effective especially if you want a detox colon cleanser. Recipes are available from the worldwide web on different detox recipes that can eliminate the toxins from the body. There are recipes for the colon, liver and kidneys and all of them are used to promote a healthier well being. Most of the recipes on colon detox cleanser include a high fiber diet which is very effective in flushing out residues left in the colon from eating fatty and processed food on a daily basis.

The lifestyle people live nowadays is definitely something that creates various illnesses in people. Our ancestors before did not have the need to undergo detox cleanser diets and methods but they seemed to live a happy and long life. That is basically because during their times, there were no fast food joints or commercially manufactured food that were and readily available. Everything they take in comes from nature and is therefore not affected by the various methods of modification. In turn, their bodies are not polluted with these chemicals and they do not have the need to detoxify as much. Unfortunately, we also experience high levels of toxicity in our environment. Some of these toxins are going to find way into our bodies and detoxification is going to be needed regardless of how healthy your diet is from time to time. Indeed, even though modernization made our lives a lot easier, it made our lives a lot shorter as well if we do not fight against it.

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