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Diet vs Detox Fastest way to lose weight

Diet vs Detox Fastest way to lose weight July 27, 2017
Detox diets

If you only had a week or less to shed a few pounds of fat, -  (maybe for a special occasion or a holiday), what would be the best way to get rid of it? A strict Diet? Detox? Lots of Exercise? I recently completed a detox program and lost a lot of weight quickly (it was a bi-product, the real idea behind my detox was to clean out my body and get it healthy), and it made me wonder – could regular detoxing ever become a good substitute for a diet?  Well lets compare Detoxing and Dieting and examine which one should have the best results for immediate weight loss and for long term weight loss.

Before we do compare anything lets just recap on what a Detox is.  A Detox is a change in diet that washes out “bad things” from inside your body such as chemicals, parasites and plague  It can result in better health, (+ better resistance to illnesses)  improved energy levels,  a healthier digestive system and very importantly in this case, it can cause immediate weight loss, and often a lot of it.

Some of the parasites certain Detox Diets claim to flush out

Detox diets

A Detox diet usually compromises of certain fruits, vegetables for eating,  and lots and lots of water for drinking. If you eat or drink anything not on your Detox diet plan whilst on it you will likely ruin the whole process – so you must be strict and self-disciplined.

Ok so that's a brief lesson about Detoxing. Now for Dieting. Well i think we are all familiar with dieting. In fact i do not know anybody who has not been on a diet or exercise regime in the past to try and improve the way they look. They problem is, there are too many fad diets around. Diets that promise amazing things without you eating any less.  Diets that you don't have to stick with – supposedly. Diets where you eat only apples or soup or meat. Well these diets don't often work. Diets that do usually work take a long time, with relatively little weight loss every week.

On my Detox program (The one found here if you are interested) i lost about 9 pounds in just under a week, (and i don’t weigh a huge amount anyway). I was amazed by this and on top of this i felt so much healthier. I don’t know if half of the weight loss was just water weight and feeling great was psychological, but i do know i have not put the weight back on again.

Can a diet compete with this? No. Not unless the diet is a liquid diet or a starvation diet which is NOT recommended for health reasons.  Diets are designed to slowly help your body adapt to eating less and start relying on using its storage of fat to survive, which takes time.

My favorite diet of recent times is the fat loss for idiots diets. It claimed to help you lose 11 pounds every week from now on. I found it more like 5 pounds a week -  which was still a big deal to me but it was not as much as the recent Detox diet helped me lose.

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So short term mass weight loss goes to Detox diets. Do not continue them for longer than recommended by the Detox program, but you can repeat the diet once every three of four weeks. The weight loss is unlikely to be so much if you do it that often though as there will be less and less stuff to wash out, and for that reason a proper diet is better for long term weight loss.

Most people try dieting but very few try Detoxing. It is definitely worth a try, it will clean out your body, make you feel 10x better and could help you lose the weight you have really been struggling with. It's not a replacement for a diet in the long run, but a great addition. Mix it up, do your usual diet for three weeks, then detox for the next week (all the while doing a bit of regular exercise),) then do it all again.

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