Detox tea

Detoxifying Tea

Detoxifying Tea June 5, 2017Leave a comment

An excellent detoxifying tea is the parsley tea. Parsley, also known as parsley and parsnips, is a medicinal plant, characterized by being a natural diuretic and a mild cleanser, providing detoxification of the body and the decrease of gastrointestinal disorders.

4 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley
500 ml of water

Method of preparation

Pour the boiling water over the parsley leaves and cover the container for 15 minutes. After the set time, strain and sweeten with honey if necessary. Drink 250 ml of tea daily.

In addition to this detoxifying tea, it is important for the individual to avoid eating caffeinated foods, sugar and alcohol because these foods are toxic to the body as well as foods with chemical components such as preservatives, dyes or sweeteners because they have toxins, Substances harmful to the body.

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