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How to Go about Healthy Detox Weight Loss

How to Go about Healthy Detox Weight Loss June 4, 2017Leave a comment

Detox and weight loss can sometimes go hand-in-hand. The important thing to remember here is your health. Dont ever try any detox weight loss plan that you think is going to mess around with your health. The whole reason for detoxing is to try to help your body to cope with some of the poisons and toxins that getting into your body from the environment. You are only jeopardizing your health by being convinced that a fad detox regime is going to help you. Its not! You dont need pills, you dont need supplements, you dont need additives, all you need is common sense!

When it comes to weight loss, you must also realize that youve got to get a certain amount of calories into your body every day. Your body needs this in order to survive. Theres no point in starving yourself because your body is going to react adversely. There is a very complex system at work inside you, and this system is there to keep you alive and to keep you healthy. So, it is going to fight you tooth and nail to make sure that youre not adding to the problem. Theres already enough damage being done by the toxins.
The amount of calories that you need every day is going to vary depending on who you are. Its going to vary depending on whether you are a man or a woman, how much you weigh, whether you have a fairly inactive life or whether your life is very active. The average calories that need to be eating in order to maintain your weight is approximately 2700 cal per day for men and about 2000 cal per day for women.
When you are going on a detox weight loss diet, you should aim at a specific amount of calories per day that you are going to reduce that overall intake by. A reduction of about 500 per day is not going to do you any harm, especially if you eat the right foods, and this drop in calorie intake is very manageable from most people. This will give you one pound of weight loss per week without any further exercise.
Of course, you are going to have to adjust this depending on how active you are in your life. For instance, if you work in a job which requires a lot of physical labor, then you will obviously need more calories to keep you from burning out. Its not going to work if youre feeling too weak to do your job. And, if youre not eating enough calories, your body has a most effective method of dealing with this. It simply goes into storage mode. This is a throwback to the cavemen era. This is when our ancestors were out there struggling to survive, eating anything that they could get their hands, and at the mercy of the prevailing conditions. If they were trapped in a cave by a sabretooth tiger for a few days then they wouldnt get any food. Your body goes into starvation mode because it thinks that it is being starved and it will try to hold back as many calories as it possibly can, storing them as the unwanted fat that youre so desperately trying to get that off.

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