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Constipation Remedies

Constipation Remedies June 10, 2017Leave a comment
Constipation Remedies

First of all, before I talk about any constipation remedies let me say that just because youre not having a bowel movement every day does not mean that youre constipated. There are many people who only have a bowel movement 3 or 4 times a week and are very healthy. Everyone has different rates of bowel movement, some people will need to use the toilets twice or three times in one day, as I said other people may only need to go once every other day.

So, now that weve got that out of the way, what exactly is the definition of constipation? You definitely have constipation if you have a bowel movement less than three times per week, if passing a stool is painful, if your stools are dry or hard, generally if you are finding difficulty in having a poo then you have constipation.

What is the cause of constipation?

There is no one single cause for constipation. It could be a lack of exercise, not taking in enough fluids, lack of fibre in your diet or other issues with your food intake. Almost everybody has had or is going to have a bout of constipation at one stage in their lives. For most people, this period of constipation will only be short lived and will not be terribly serious. The main thing is that you understand what is causing the constipation for you specifically. If you know the cause then you can begin to formulate a plan for your constipation remedy. If you dont know what is causing the constipation then how on earth can you cure it. Many people have constipation because they are eating too much of the wrong type of fiber. If you have this type of constipation then you could be adding to your own problems by continuing to eat this type of fiber in the misguided knowledge that it is helping you.

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In order to fully understand the exact causes of constipation you must first have an understanding of how your bowel and intestines work. Basically, the most common form of constipation occurs when the digested ingredients of your stomach take too long to move through your digestive tract. Because the large intestine removes a lot of the water from the ingested waste as it is passing through, a slow rate of passage can mean that too much water is being removed thereby resulting in dry stools.

Some natural remedies for constipation can be achieved by merely changing your lifestyle. Some of the lifestyle factors that can cause constipation include being stressed out, not taking in enough liquids, low fiber or wrong fiber diets, drug taking, taking some prescription medications including some painkillers or diuretics, no exercise, changing your exercise routine, changing some other form of daily routine, or ignoring the need to have a poo.

It is often advisable to visit your doctor in order to ascertain whether you have constipation or not. Your doctor is in the best position to be able to perform a full examination and she will be able to advise you on the seriousness of the problem that you face, along with any further treatments that are necessary.

Some of the tests that your doctor is likely to carry out include inserting a gloved finger into your rectum in order to determine whether a stool is present and to determine how much is present and its consistency. This test will also determine whether there is any blood in the stool. Along with this, your doctor is likely to question you about your diet and lifestyle. Much of the time this examination and additional questioning will be sufficient in order to determine the likely cause. If at this stage a definitive cause of your constipation still remains unclear your doctor can recommend you to have further examination.

Further examinations could include a Defectography test. This is where soft paste is inserted into the anus, x-rays will be taken while you push this paste out. Another test is the Sigmoidoscopy where a flexible thin tube is inserted into the rectum which will allow the first third of the rectum to be examined.

What are the main home remedies for constipation? Constipation Remedies 2

Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables is one way to add fiber to your diet. Fiber gives your stools softness and bulks them up. Dont go from no fiber to all fiber in one go. You have to take these things slowly. Start taking fiber products gradually. Also, avoid foods that do not possess much fiber including all processed foods, foods that are high in fat, chips, ice cream, pizza, etc. Drink plenty of fluids, exercise as often as you can and when you feel the urge to poo, try to do so as soon as possible.

Other foods that act as great constipation home remedies include grapes which are said to have constipation relieving properties and can prevent constipation in chronic cases. Also, you should consume plenty of other fruits such as papaya, orange, and figs. If you are using dried figs, soak the figs overnight in a bowl of water and eat them in the morning with your breakfast. Spinach also has the ability to help your digestive tract.

Baby Constipation Remedies

Probably the most common causes of infant constipation is the introduction of solid foods into their diet. When a baby is being breastfed the breast milk is completely digested so there is little left over that will cause baby constipation. Dont worry if your baby has infrequent bowel movements as this does not mean that it is constipated. The most common causes of infant constipation include a diet which is low in fiber, high in dairy produce, or just the change in diet from mother’s milk to solid food.

Its not fun to have constipation at any time in your life but it is particularly uncomfortable to see your baby constipated. Fortunately, there are some baby constipation remedies that are very simple. A warm bath can often help by relaxing the infant. Diluted fruit juice can also give some relief, especially from prunes, grape juice, or apple juice. A change of diet also often does the trick.

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