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Doing a Body Cleanse the Natural Way

Doing a Body Cleanse the Natural Way June 11, 2017Leave a comment
Doing a Body Cleanse the Natural Way

A person’s body is his own best asset. Wealth may give a person the means to keeping it healthy but not all wealthy people are healthy. It all depends on how people live their life in order to remain healthy. Prevention is better than a cure as they say. A natural body cleanse is key to preventing diseases.

There are many types of body cleansing methods which are effective in eliminating dangerous toxins from the body. Each type of cleansing is specific to a particular part in the body. Being particular to a body part means the method is more precise which ensures that the cleansing is more effective. Some of the well known types of cleansing include Colon Cleansing, Master Cleansing, Ion Cleansing, Candida Albican Cleansing, Parasite Cleansing, Liver Gallbladder Cleansing and Herbal cleansing.

Doing a Body Cleanse the Natural Way

Toxins fall under two types. There are environmental toxins and metabolic toxins. Environmental toxins are chemicals found in nature which affects the body such exposure to air, food and water. These include medicines, pesticides and smoke containing substances such as carbon monoxide. On the other hand, metabolic toxins are those which are produced by the cells in the body. These are natural and caused by normal metabolic processes. There are also toxins produced by food that has not been digested fully.

Up to a certain point, toxins do not present a danger to the body unless they build up and deter how the cells function. This state is known as toxicosis. Individuals who have too many toxins in their body may see and experience a number of signs including chronic fatigue, trouble with vision, hepatitis, thyroiditis or prostatitis among others.

It is worth noting that the body has its own way of getting rid of toxins. Those produced by the cells are taken to the liver and flushed through various other parts of the body such as the skin, lungs, colon and even the nose and ears. Basically, some of the normal body functions we take for granted such as breathing, urinating, defecating, coughing or sneezing actually help cleanse your body from toxins. This is referred to as the total body cleanse and does not cost much to perform.

Performing a full body cleanse or one of the previously mentioned is intended to speed up the process of ridding the body of toxins. Essentially, in order to accelerate the process of cleansing the body, one must reduce the exposure to harmful toxins and increase exposure to water-rich liquids and foods and fresh air. Rest is also important, both physically and emotionally.

One simple method of performing a whole body cleanse is by eating the right foods such as fruits and vegetables. It is an inexpensive yet often overlooked technique. The principle involved with following a body cleansing diet is simple: eat the right types of food in order to reduce the amount of work the digestive organs have to do in order to supply the body with enough energy to perform everyday activities. Eating nutritious foods in itself does not result in cleansing but it helps it along.

Nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables are great for cleansing as they are easy to digest. The high water content in these foods is also essential for the body to perform a full body cleansing. For most people, foods such as grains, nuts, seeds legumes and animal meat require a lot of digesting. It is therefore suggested that while in the process of cleansing, one should avoid these types of foods and eat more fruits, vegetables, their juices and lots of water. People are also advised to avoid coffee, alcohol, salt and sugar during the cleansing process as these also place a strain on the digestive systems.

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