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Best Detox and Cleansing Teas

Best Detox and Cleansing Teas June 26, 2017
Best Detox and Cleansing Teas

The best detox and cleansing teas are without a doubt herbal teas or tisane teas. The health benefits of such teas are known widely and it is easy to purchase them almost anywhere. There is a very diverse range and they suit almost any taste, from sweet to bitter. All of them are naturally sweet and lots are caffeine free. They suit all special diets apart from nut allergy sufferers, in some forms of herbal tea.

Some of the best detox and cleansing teas are thought by many to be green tea, which is from China and is taken by anyone who suffers from constipation, rectal build up, cold and flu symptoms and other similar ailments. It is a light and refreshing tasting tea and is usually associated, in its native land of China, with longevity.

Best Detox and Cleansing Teas

One of the health benefits associated with drinking herbal tea in conjunction with a balanced diet are a positive impact on the immune system. This means that the immune system will develop new immunities to intestinal diseases by stimulating the growth of new intestinal micro flora to take the place of old flora that may have become damaged or killed over time.

This is particularly the case with some of the best detox and cleansing teas such as rooibos and green tea. Another is the normalising of blood pressure. Herbal teas are good for those with high or low blood pressure and often help sufferers to recover from any illness caused by the abnormal blood pressure levels. Tea has been linked with the prevention of heart disease because it reduces the blood glucose activity, also helping stop the development of type two diabetes later in life.

Some of the teas have been proven, not only to cleanse the intestinal tract but also to slow down or even stop intestinal pathogenic activity, thus preventing any build up in the colon to harbour any diseases. Teas, even the best detox and cleansing tea are rarely referred to as being a miracle cure for any disease, although it is thought to have anti carcinogenic properties and slow down the growth of already well established cancer cells, whether benign or malignant.

All in all, there is not much medical evidence to verify the specific healing properties of the best detox and cleansing teas but the results are out there, and with a few more years of research I’m sure the medical profession will be jumping at the idea of using these teas as slow acting solutions to lots of life’s problems.