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Liver Cleansing and Its Positive Effects on our HealthLiver

Liver Cleansing and Its Positive Effects on our HealthLiver June 12, 2017Leave a comment

Cleansing anLiver Cleansing and Its Positive Effects on our HealthLiverd Its Positive Effects on our HealthThe liver is the primary detoxifying organ in the human body and so it is essential that it always remains working to the best of its ability. Unfortunately the toxins that the liver helps to rid from the body also attack the liver, causing it to become congested and incapable of fully clearing large amounts of harmful toxins from the blood stream.

A liver cleanse, or a liver flush, helps to wash small stones and crystals out of the liver and the associated gall bladder so that they retain their invaluable ability to detoxify. It is always beneficial to perform a colon-cleanse and a kidney cleanse before flushing the liver. This is because the colon stores rotting food matter which releases self-produced toxins in to the body, thus this harmful food matter needs to be excreted before anything else is done. Also the kidneys should be cleansed so that they dont in turn become congested when the waste from the liver passes through them.


It is imperative to cleanse the liver regularly, especially if you live on a diet of processed and fast foods or you consume moderate amounts of alcohol. By leaving the liver in a congested state it means that it no longer has the capability to remove toxins from the blood. These toxins continue to circulate around the body until they settle in one spot and cause illness and disease, which can sometimes turn out to be quite serious.

So what do you need to cleanse the liver? Apple juice and lots of it  this should be drunk in large quantities for up to 5 days before you flush your liver. It contains malic acid which helps to loosen stones and other bits of debris that are attached to the walls of the liver tubules.  Epsom salts dissolved in either water or fruit juice (not citric fruit)  these help to relax the smooth muscle in the bile duct so that large particles which could cause pain flow through smoothly.  Virgin olive oil  this helps the gall bladder and the bile duct (through which the liver waste runs) to contract with force, thus pushing out big particles that could get trapped.  One big grapefruit or 3 lemons  the juice from these fruits is mixed with the olive oil to help it travel through the stomach, thus reducing the risk of nausea. When the oil reaches the small intestine it helps to carry away the stones and debris from the liver. A liver cleanse has to be performed to a schedule for it to work properly and so more detailed instructions should be sought before you try it yourself.

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