8 teas to detoxify the body

8 teas to detoxify the body June 5, 2017

In addition to adopting healthy habits, consuming some herbal medicines can also help us cleanse the body. Check out 8 teas that help cleanse our body
Hot or cold, tea is one of the most consumed beverages in the world and offers various nutrients and antioxidant substances that protect the body from premature aging and some diseases.

In addition, some teas contain diuretic properties that help us eliminate impurities that may harm our body.

Liver Care
The liver is one of the most important organs of our body, as it has the functions of: filtering blood, synthesizing cholesterol, producing noble proteins, secreting bile, storing glucose, detoxifying the body and others.

Taking care of the largest gland in our body is essential, because if you have any problems, the liver can cause symptoms such as headache, inability to concentrate, asthma, depression, sickness, bad mood, bad digestion, among others.

To take care of the liver, we can adopt some habits, among which are the following: diet low in fats, avoiding the consumption of refined flours, rest, reduce stress level and practice physical activities.

8 teas to detoxify the body

In addition to adopting healthy habits, such as adequate rest, healthy eating and exercise, the inclusion of some herbal medicine can also help us cleanse the body.

Drinking a cup of tea, 30 minutes before or after meals, can be helpful in clearing the body and keeping the liver healthy. Here are the best teas for cleaning your body:

1 Dandelion
Dandelion contains anti-inflammatory, restorative and laxative properties. This medicinal herb serves to detoxify the liver, purify the blood and acts as a tonic to the body.

The indication is at most three cups of dandelion tea a day, always 30 minutes after the meal.

2 Strawberry leaves
Strawberry leaves have diuretic effects, eliminate toxins accumulated in the body and reduce uric acid levels. Its benefits are enhanced by blending in equal parts with mint leaves or blueberries.

It is recommended to drink one cup of this tea a day.

3 Green tea
The properties of green tea help in the process of slimming, combat the premature aging, collaborate with the blood circulation and help in the elimination of the impurities of the organism.

In addition, some studies indicate that this tea is anticancer and reduces the accumulation of fat in the liver.

It is recommended that the consumption of green tea should not be consumed after 6 pm as it can cause problems in sleep.

4 Elderberry
Due to its diuretic and depurative properties, the leaves of this tree are used to calm nerves, improve digestion and eliminate toxins from the body.

The tea is prepared with one part of elder leaves and another part of chamomile. The indication of consumption is up to three cups a day.

5 Thyme
Thyme tea is used to treat problems of poor digestion and nervousness, as well as improving the function of the liver and gallbladder. This tea eliminates toxins from the body through the urine;

The indication of consumption is up to three cups a day.

6 Artichoke
Artichoke contains protective and regenerative properties of the liver. Tea from this plant also prevents hepatitis, diabetes, overweight and liver failure.

7 Horsetail
Horsetail tea contains many properties that help cleanse the body. It is recommended to prepare a tea with a spoon of this plant and one of mint, mint or fennel.

8 Thistle
Also known as "liver guardian," thistle mares cure liver and gallbladder problems, reduce inflammation and eliminate toxins through the urine.