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3 days Detox: The Best solution

3 days Detox: The Best solution June 4, 2017Leave a comment

3 days detox is a programme that people especially women are trying to balance and maintain their figure and weights. Many of the people are losing weight through diets and exercises. Some are using tablets or other medicines to lose the weight. It is somehow hard to loose weight but with proper determination you can work for your self. one of the ways that I would not just take as a weight lose plan but it also works as body cleaner that purifies your stomach and intestines so that you feel light and you lose your weight. The plan is known as the 3 days detox program. It is seventy two hours of the program that you need to follow and believe me that results in many cases are loss of more then two kilos weight in just three days. It purifies your system, provides you energy and power, makes your new cells and gives power to your immunity system.

The 3 day detox is a gentle diet for the removal of toxics from your body and one great thing about doing the detox diet is that you do not need to take the permission from your doctor to get started on the program. The detox diet does not vary every day. In fact, it is one the diets that remains same for three days.

The foods that you should in take while you are following the detoxification diet programme include lots of liquid products that can clean your stomach. The first thing you have to do after you get out of your bed is drink warm water. Not hot but warm water that in which you can feel the warmness. It is about eight ounces of water with half of lemon juice added in it. For your every meal, select any whole grain products such as cereals, brown rice, but wheat etc but quantity should be one cup for every meal. Along with that, you need to eat three fruits or vegetables and one of them must be in raw form.

If you want your fruits or vegetables as a salad, then make a simple dressing of just vinegar and extra virgin olive oil or fish oil. With your three days detox diets you can choose the supplements. These supplements can be in form of any food or oil. The most common supplements that people usually prefer chamomile, dandelion, green and fennel tea. The two cups of any yellow or parsley tea that is available. Two glasses of fresh vegetable juice preferable carrots or beet root. You can even use a handful of grapes or some cloves of garlic to help you in your detoxification process. This is one of the routine for three days detox diet that you can follow to make your self look more pretty and beautiful and even you can find a new look in yourself.

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