10 Health Benefits of Tea

10 Health Benefits of Tea June 3, 2017Leave a comment
10 Health Benefits of Tea

From a very long time ago, the Chinese have regarded tea as a drink that promotes saliva, relieves thirst, and keeps the body healthy. In recent years health foods have been in vogue, and the health functions of tea are once again being taken seriously. Therefore identifying tea, and understanding tea, will be helpful to our daily health care, keeping us in good health.

What are the benefits of drinking tea? According to research, tea has ten health benefits:

1. Anti-aging function: Tea tannin and Vitamin P have the anti-lipin peroxidation function. Vitamin C and P work together within tea, and have certain auxiliary function on anti-aging. Drinking tea will make it possible to reduce vitamin C discharge through urine.

2. Stimulate functions of the brain: Caffeine in tea keeps the brain alert and active by stimulating the brains central nervous system.

3. Prevent constipation: Tea tannic acid can cause steatolysis, and help promote digestion, especially Puer tea.

4. Restore functions of intestines: Tea can help in the restoration of the functions of intestines, preventing dyspepsia and alleviating dehydration symptoms.

5. Prevention of disease: Tea can help reduce blood cholesterol, strengthen blood vessel, prevent arteriosclerosis and hypertension. Polyphenol compound inside green tea can prevent class rheumatic arthritis.

6. Prevention of cancer: Tea helps to eliminate free radicals preventing cancer development by blocking the growth of substance that causes cancer.

7. Effects on immunity function: Oolong tea, floral tea, green tea all can help strengthen immunity.

8. Prevent cardiovascular disease: Vitamin C and Vitamin P within tea can increase capillary strength. Oolong tea may lower total cholesterol and blood viscosity.

9. Beauty and diet function: Tea may help digestion, help maintain skin moisture, and also help weight loss.

10. Prevent halitosis and dental cavity: Tea contains fluoride and alkaline substances that have a sterilization function. Alkaline substance can neutralize the acidic environment of dental cavity. It can help prevent dental cavity and halitosis.

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